Selection of Suppliers/Contractors for constructing the houses for the homeless plantation community

Selection of Suppliers/Contractors for Constructing the Houses for the Homeless Plantation Community under the Indian Housing Project-Phase IV, Funded by the Government of India.

Applications are invited from qualified Contractors/Suppliers for constructing the houses for the homeless plantation community under the Indian Housing Project-Phase (IV), with the participation of the Ministry of Water Supply and Estate Infrastructure Development, under the technical supervision of the National Housing Development Authority.


Estate wise allocation of the houses to be constructed are as follows,
No.District Region RPCEstate Division Housing Units 
1Nuwaraeliya Hatton Kellani Valley PlantationAndfield Andfield 25
2Nuwaraeliya Hatton Hatton Velioya UDK 50
3Nuwaraeliya Hatton HoranaStockholmScarborrow 30
4Nuwaraeliya Hatton Bogawanthalawa Tea Bogawanthalawa Bogawanthalawa50
5Nuwaraeliya HattonBogawanthalawa Tea Norwood New Valley Factory 10
6Nuwaraeliya Hatton Hatton KenilworthBlackwater 25
7Nuwaraeliya HattonMaskeliya Plantations Laxapana Valamalai 50
8Nuwaraeliya Hatton Hatton ShannonK.M 25
9Nuwaraeliya Hatton Kotagala Mountwernan Dirnbula Lower 50
10Nuwaraeliya NuwaraEliya HattonWaltrim Maraya 50
11Nuwaraeliya NuwaraEliya Agarapatana PlantationsSandrigham Sandrigham 40
12Nuwaraeliya NuwaraEliyaElpitiya Plantations PLCMedecombra South /new/middle 90
13Nuwaraeliya NuwaraEliya Elpitiya Medecombra Middle 31
14Nuwaraeliya NuwaraEliyaElpitiyaMedecombra Top 2
15Nuwaraeliya NuwaraEliya Elpitiya Plantations PLCFernlands Fernlands 15
16Nuwaraeliya NuwaraEliya Maturata Plantations MahaouvaMahaouva40
17Nuwaraeliya NuwaraEliya Kellani Valley PlantationPedroScub30
18Nuwaraeliya NuwaraEliya Agalawatte Plantations FotoftIyory 10
19Nuwaraeliya NuwaraEliyaTalawakelle Tea EstatesNanuoya Nanuoya Radella 22
20Nuwaraeliya NuwaraEliya Agarapathana Albion Albion/ Preston 25
21Nuwaraeliya NuwaraEliyaAgalawatta Labookelle Westward 20
22Nuwaraeliya NuwaraEliya UdapussalawaGordenAmherest 15
Total 705
1Rathnapura Ratnapura Hapugastenne Plantationsa  Hapugastenne Dehanakanda 25
1ColomboRatnapura PussellawaHalpe Waga25
1GalleGalleWatawala PlantationsThalgangaUpper 15
2GalleGalleElpitiya Plantations Thalgaswela Upper 15
1KalutaraGalleKotagala PlantationsRaigama Upper (Lower) 25
Total 25
1Badulla Badulla Malwatte Valley PlantationsWaelimadaAmbagastowa 30
2Badulla Badulla Maskeliya Plantations Poonagala Poonagala First (Upper Lunugala)50
3Badulla Badulla Agarapatana PlantationsHaputhaleSherwood 28
4Badulla Badulla Namunukula Plantations Wevakele (Kandahena)Upper      (Wewakeli Upper)25
5Badulla Badulla Malwatte Valley PlantationsDikwellaDeansland (Upper Field No 05)50
 Total 183
1Monaragala Badulla JEDB Monaragala (Kumarawatta )  Paravila 25
 Total 25
Grand Total 1018



Project Details

Project Name: Construction of 8075 Housing Units in Plantation Areas of Sri Lanka under IHP – Phase IV 

Funding Agency: Government of India (GoI)

Implementing Agency (IA): National Housing Development Authority (NHDA)

Approximate area of housing unit: 550 SQ ft

Estimated total Cost per unit: SLR 2,800,000.00


The application in English Language may be obtained by interested contractors/suppliers from relevant estate offices or relevant NHDA district offices or NHDA Head Office and duly completed applications along with the supportive documents should be placed into the envelop and deposited the sealed boxes kept in one of the aforementioned offices on or before April 19, 2024, by 2:00 pm.

Please, mention the applicant's name in the left-hand top corner of the envelope.  Late submissions will be rejected.



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