Legal Division

Legal Division of National Housing Development Authority was initiated during the first three years of establishing the institution.  The Division, then commenced with the headship of Manager (Legal), is at present headed by Deputy General Manager (Legal). Legal Division fulfills its duties covering 24 districts. The objective of Legal Division is to implement the Act of National Housing Development Authority concentrating on the objectives of the institution. The vision of the Legal Divisi

Planning and Monitoring Division

Planning and Monitoring division of NHDA contribute significantly to the success of the organization. Planning discipline or planning system is needed to reappraise the organization and to define the direction it should take. Planning is essentially an analytical process involving and assessment of the future, the determination of desired objective in the contest of the anticipated future, the development of alternative courses of action from among these alternatives. Corporate plan is prepared

Property Development and Management Division

The duties & responsibilites of the Property Management Division is given below1.Supervision, maintenance, development and protection of all properties of National Housing Development Authority.2.Regularization of unauthorized occupants, prevention of unauthorized construction in the lands of Authority by ensuring the ownership of the lands.3.Formation of policies on sale and marketing and implementation of such policies with proper approval.4.Maintenance & updating of records of lands b

Engineering Services and Construction Division

The Division of Engineering Services of National Housing Development Authority systematically carries out planning, designing and constructing of the housing development projects including all the infrastructure facilities.Thereby, the division provides its all engineering services in order to achieve the mission and objectives of the Authority. Accordingly, the activities regarding the feasibility reports, layout plans, field inspection, planning and obtaining the approval of Local Government I

Human Resource Management & Administration Division

IntroductionHuman Resource Management and Administration Division is responsible for managing the work force of National Housing Development Authority towards achieving present and future challenges. (right time, right person and right place)Human Resource Management and Administration Division is bound to direct the employees, the most valuable resource of the organization ,by providing solutions to short term and long term issues and difficulties.Following are the prime responsibilities of Hum

Housing Development Division

Duties & responsibilities of Housing Development Division01. Housing Development Division of National Housing Development Authority systematically carries out implementation & supervision of all the housing development programmes.  02.The Division implements the housing development programmes pertaining to the housing development policies of the NHDA, covering all the Divisional Secretariats of districts.  03.Initiation of coordination among the Heads of the Inst